13 Days Old – Slow and Steady

“His color looks so good!” Or “he looks so much better!” Were common comments as people would come and go checking on Charlie today.  We are astounded by his progress and endurance.  He is a strong little boy and God is at work in his little body and all over this hospital.  He continues to drop his medicine levels and his heart and lungs are taking over as they should.  Today Charlie was awake much more and opened his eyes a few times.  He gets sad when they change his dressing, I don’t blame him.

The flight nurse that helped save his life and get him flown here visited again today.  She is a precious woman with tremendous gifts that God used on that first day when Charlie needed help.  We reminisced that first day and she shed light on even more details that were miraculously woven together by the hand of God to pave the path for Charlie’s life to be preserved.  It was a joy.  She often wisely counsels me to go outside in the sun and take my shoes off in the grass everyday, so as not to be swallowed by the hospital.  Thank you Bonnie for taking me out to apply wisdom.

Thank you to ALL who are praying for and encouraging us.  The outpouring of love is amazing and beautiful.  Many of you, whether you are a finger, toe, or liver of the body- your love is felt.  Thank you for loving us through this.

.imageNaomi kissing little Charlie on day 4 of our peaceful first 6 days at home.  Filling his love tank for the storm that lay around the corner.

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