15 Days Old – Happy 2 week Birthday!


I am sorry the updates aren’t as frequent as I would like.  Every day is different and takes all I have (actually more that I have) but in my weakness,  my mighty God is strong.  Oh how I feel that like never before.  At moments my flesh feels like like it will crumble and EVERY time He is very present help!!!  Yesterday I was given this verse and I clung to the powerful truths richly imbedded in it.  God of peace! Even when tests or news or numbers are overwhelming…not to my God of peace!  My GOOD shepherd!  He will work all this for my/our good and His glory!  Making me complete to do His will- all that pleases Him.  That is my hearts cry…to walk in a manner pleasing to my Savior, King, and Father.  This life is not about about me, but rather my great God!


This was the other gift sent to me yesterday from a dear sister in the Lord.  She had written it as a cry to the Lord during difficult days gone by in her life. The words ministered to me in a deep way and the plea really resonated with me.  Yesterday, Charlie’s numbers were struggling and it was determined that the liquid we had been watching in his chest was a potential problem.  They decided to insert a tube in his chest and drain what looked liked the original gunk from the bowel perf..  It was a very good move, and should hopefully help him heal much quicker now.  Heb 13 and this plea were visuals to me as we walked yesterday- to loosen my grip on this world and rest in my good shepherd.


Enid loved visiting “Harley”…”Hold Harley?”  When I was pregnant.  Enid would wake up in her crib and start singing or talking and it would immediately awaken Charlie in the womb and he would start dancing in response to Enid.  It was their little morning routine.  Every day she would touch my belly and say “Baby coming, baby coming.”  He loves his big sister!!!

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