An Abundance of Love


Grandpa Jim and Grandma Judy encouraged Charlie’s little heart so much when they visited.  Charlie would look at grandma and listen to the kind, calm, soothing words she was speaking to him.


Mr. Rod and so many others have come to meet Charlie for the first time and pray over him.


What amazing love oozes from Charlie’s big sisters who can’t wait for the day he is back in our arms again!

Charlie and I are overwhelmed by the amazing people in our life.  We praise God for our family:  aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, nieces, nephews, and cousins, our church family: amazing friends, pastor, deacons, and children, and the broader body of Christ: Sarah counted 18 states of people praying that we know of, family camp friends, Ft Collins friends, my siblings church friends, midwives, our community: other churches, cross country team, neighbors, online teachers…and so much more!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, your care, your love, your encouragement, and for so many of you- your sacrifice!

Our church has been a tremendous support bringing meals to my family, and supporting me and my family beyond my wildest imagination.  The church is such a beautiful taste of heaven on earth.  Glory be to God!  Several arrived at the first ER to sing, pray, hold, direct, and support us, within minutes of our arrival!  Bill Roach was singing Psalm 23 and other hymns behind me as my son appeared to be slipping away.   It was a peace and calm in the wildest storm I have ever experienced.  When we got to Children’s there was a huge support team here, some I never even saw as they prayed in the lobby.  Let me just just say that God’s armies were busy that night and the saints were locking arms as we battled in prayer for our precious boy.  We are not alone, and the love of you all smells of the beautiful scent of Jesus Christ!!  I smell it, Charlie smells it, and the whole hospital is smelling it.

Thank you!!

imageGranny Sha and Aunt Elaine loving on Charlie

2 thoughts on “An Abundance of Love

  1. Charlie, you are so loved and I cannot wait to hold you in my arms again and cuddle you! God is so good and He you loves you much more than I (hard to imagine ;)I love you very much sweet boy!


  2. If Hawaii isn’t already on Sarah’s list, make sure she adds it! I have a dear friend and sister in Christ from Hawaii who is praying for Charlie.

    We are so glad to hear of the forward progress Charlie is making! He is certainly God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus….!!! God is using him in a powerful way!!!!


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