Today I finally got a long visit with my dad, Charlie’s Papa.  It was so good to talk to my dad!      In God’s kind providence, Papa and Nonie happened to be traveling though Colorado the day Charlie was born!!!  They stayed the night and got to know Charlie on his BIRTHday.  Today he longed to see him again but the miles don’t permit.  Then I thought, “FaceTime!”  We tried it and it worked!!! Papa got to see and pray over Charlie as he opened his eyes and listened.  Papa loves his grandson #31 to pieces!

After that call I tried Facetiming home…it worked!  I caught the family at the dinner table enjoying dinner from the Peterson’s ( thank you Peterson’s!).  Charlie was awake, looking around listening to daddy’s voice as well as siblings.  “Hi Harley!” said lil’ Enid.  He loved it.

imageCheck out the glee on Enid’s face.

Who’s next?…

He is off most meds and decreasing pain meds very well.  So, I get a lot more wake time with my boy.  We are talking, touching, singing, playing hymns, Bible, and Face-timing!  There is speculation that I will get to hold him soon, dreaming of the moment.  Today was a great day for Charlie, my little lion-hearted warrior!

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