So, How Did We Get Here?

imageFrom this to this…image

Charles Grant was born September 3, 2015.  His birth was a dream.  If it isn’t obvious to you by looking at our family, I love having babies!  I love infants, I love toddlers, I love young years, middle years, and teenage years- I love being a mom!  To many it is odd, but I enjoy being pregnant and I love childbirth!  I thank God for His Word, my husband, my mom, my sisters, my pastor, and my midwives whom have all discipled me in this way.  I will share more about Charlie’s entrance into the world later.  He had a very sweet birthday.  Charlie received a 9 on the apgar scale, which is about as high as it gets at our altitude.  He was beautiful, healthy, and peaceful.  He enjoyed lots of snuggling, nursing, pooping, and sleeping.  On day 5 and 6 some strange things began happening.  He started to get a little floppy.  He was spitting up brown stuff.  He just seemed sick.  We thought he was fighting the same virus Bob and I had.  Wednesday morning we decided to have him looked at.  We swaddled him up and drove him to Parker Children’s hospital.  The nurse took him from me and flew to a room calling everyone to help.  Very quickly they ran some tests showing he had a perforated bowel, possible heart issues, and possible trisomy 21.  As the whirlwind of people began working on him, he began to crash.  My mother’s heart was shattering, I could hardly breathe except for the calming force of the Spirit and God’s mighty hand that kept mine beating…as well as Charlie’s.  We were instructed to head to Children’s so we would be there when Charlie arrived by helicopter.  About 1 mile from the hospital Bob got a text instructing us to hurry back, his heart had stopped!  Bob and I cried out to the Lord as Bob did some Dukes of Hazard driving to get us back quickly.  Upon return Charlie was back and getting stable for flight. Praise Jesus!  When we arrived at Children’s, the surgical team was prepped and raring to go.  At each turn of this story you must know that the prognosis in earthly terms was grim.  We understood their warnings and why they were constantly telling us to prepare for the worst, but we kept our gaze on the Great Physician, the Great Healer, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lord’s.  We cried out for His healing power!    Guess what He has been pouring out upon Charlie since that day?  Miraculous healing power!!! Glory be to God!

More to come…

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