20 Days Old- Today’s Progress


Today was a great day for Charlie.  He had lots of peaceful rest and everything seems to be in healing mode.  His wounds are looking good.  His breathing is very good.  His pain levels are decreasing.  He had a chest tube removed today and will start weaning more things tomorrow.  He is such a little warrior!

When we Skyped the children last night, Savannah asked with such sweet and hopeful optimism, ” What progress did Charlie make today!?”  Because it had been a harder day, it made me chuckle and caused me to remember good things that did happen.

We are meeting more people who are here with their sick babies.  It is an interesting place to meet people, but sweet as we all are walking a road that is foreign to us. May God be glorified in this place, and may many come to know Jesus- the greatest physician!

Today I was blessed by this podcast from Nancy Leigh Demoss – Revive our Hearts “Don’t Squander Your Trial”.  Lord, help me to be faithful with this trial…

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