The Sweet Ointment of a Friend


This is a story of four young couples.  All a part of a church body 19 years ago.  All newly weds then.  All sinners saved by grace.  All starting a family in faith.  All sold out for Christ and His church.  Friendships founded in Christ, that have stood the test of time and great trials.  These dear sisters made the trek from Ft. Collins to encourage, pray with, hug, and laugh with me.  It was a sweet reunion as we Skyped in the fourth friend from Tennessee.  We shared buckets of tears as we celebrated Charlie and recounted the many difficulties and trials that the Lord has sovereignly brought each of us through.  And maybe, just maybe, we all look just a little bit more like Jesus-praise God!  And definitely our love for our Savior is greatly multiplied.  It was a delight to relish in the goodness and faithfulness of our Great God!  These women are beautiful, beautiful because of what Christ has done and is doing in their lives.

If you are a young lady, a young mother, or just younger than me in any way- I encourage you to seek the Lord with your whole, undivided heart.  Make sure your friendships are founded in Christ.  Invest in His kingdom, not in building yours.  Do not fear what lies ahead for you.  Run into the future with faith knowing that God has specifically designed the works He has for you as well as the trials and difficulties.  They are intricately, perfectly, and lovingly designed for you- to prepare you for eternity.  As I look back on the difficulties that the Lord has given to me- many of which were things I had previously thought I could never endure- I stand in awe of God and His great mercy.  He lovingly loosens my grip on this world.  He strips away the thick layers of pride and selfishness that plague me.  He replaces my earthly eyes with spiritual eyes that more clearly see Him and the things HE IS DOING.  Oh dear sisters, I have prayed that God would not allow my present trial to invoke fear, or to instill a lack of faith, or to present doubts in your life! No!!! I pray that my present trial would increase your faith, strengthen your love for children, solidify your conviction for the value of life- in a world that throws it away,  and may you run into the future with open arms for the joys and the sorrows that God may have for you.   My Charlie is not a mistake, I wouldn’t change this sweet story that God has authored.  It is His best for me, my sweet husband, and my family.  So look forward in faith and with great anticipation of the story God has authored for you


Sara, Susan, and I


Sara blessing Charlie


Skype with Nikki in TN


Sweet memories from the past…

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