22 Days Old – Happy Wake Times


Today’s “doctor rounds” were very short in regards to Charlie (that is always good).  It was all good reports with steady improvements.  We are lowering his sedation meds more today, have already had more awake time with him.  The last 2 days I have seen much more of Charlie’s beautiful eyes and sweet personality.  He wakes up and looks at me, follows my voice, enjoys his instrumental hymns that he has known from the womb, contentedly wriggles and SMILES!!!!  The first one I thought was a fluke but after 3 more I am convinced he is really smiling at me!!  Oh, I love my boy.  I love all 6 of my boy’s- what treasures they are.


Tonight daddy is going to stay with his boy.  He will stay the night so that I can visit home for the first time since we arrived here 17 days ago. Oh it will be good to be home and love on my children face to face.  I miss them all SO much.  I do marvel at how the Lord has prepared them for such a time as this.  They are not surviving, they are thriving!  Thank you to family and the body of Christ for meals, helping with school, loving on my kiddos, and just being willing to step in when we need help.  We are overwhelmed, not with life, rather by the goodness of God through you!!!

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