A Mother’s Faith Grows

When I returned to the hospital from my short hiatus home I was discouraged to see that what had been a small mild rash had spread and worsened.  I was troubled by the rash and the ongoing intense antibiotics being given.  My sweet husband recognized my grief and wisely urged me to trust God with this and put my fretting energy towards prayer on this matter.  He was SO right, but I still felt like my back was up against a wall (truth interjection:  God does not have walls!) because they had maintained adamantly that he needed 21 days on antibiotics.  So, I prayed (with too little faith, and still grieving the situation) that God would change the course.  A friend had sent this to me last night and I was asking God to make these truths a reality in the depths of me…

“Hold on to Me” the Lord says. “In your days of trouble and your days of glory, in your days of testing and your days of triumph – hold on to Me!.
Your help comes from Me and from nowhere else. Many look to others to be there for them, but I say to you, I will always be there for you. Trust in Me. Let your challenges bring you to a greater faith, for My outstretched arm of power will bring you courage and supernatural strength.
Those who trust in Me see miracles. In these days of intense struggle, when it looks like darkness is winning and your light is growing dim, hold on to Me and you will see wonders!
I have taught you many things. You have learned that walking with Me is more valuable and pleasing than your comforts. You have sacrificed your plans for Mine, and you have given Me the reins of your heart. I am satisfied with your tender surrender. This pleases Me. You have trusted My ways even when they were nothing but a mystery to you. Many times you bowed your heart in worship. These are the times you grew in grace and took giant leaps of faith. Keep moving into My heart even as things shift all around you. You will begin to see another side of life that you have never seen before, but this is where My glory hides. Hold on to Me, and you will have all that you have ever desired, for I am pleased to be your Father and your God and what awaits you on your journey will radiate with My majesty for I give only good gifts to my beloved children – of which you are one.”


This morning I sent a prayer request in regards to the rash and antibiotics.  THEN, in God’s great mercy, mighty strength, and providential kindness he caused EVERYONE (a huge team with lots of varying ideas) to agree that the antibiotics should cease because it might be causing the rash and he had gotten enough to accomplish the task!  I was awe-struck at the mountain God so easily pushed aside, to show me, his daughter, that He loves me, hears me, and cares about Charlie and I more than I know.  After all, this is about HIM, and I shout glory be to HIM!  Not only did he drop the antibiotics but he dropped other things that went along with the antibiotics, as well as stitches, a head port, and several other things!  This could also move up the next steps to happen sooner.  A good day for Charlie and his mother’s faith.

“As for you, O Lord, you will not restrain
your mercy from me;
your steadfast love and your faithfulness will
ever preserve me!”  Psalm 40:11

2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Faith Grows

  1. Debbie, Bob and Charlie,
    So glad for every inch of progress!
    Yay no more antibiotics and getting the head port out!
    Rejoicing that you can hold him too. Love, Susan


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