It Takes A Charlie


Today I learned the answer to a famous question… What does it take to get a quilt from Jeanne, the master, award winning quilter?  She informed me yesterday, it takes something BIG, like a Charlie!  Wow, Charlie, what an honor.

Jeanne popped in to meet Charlie and to give him what was truly a gift from the heart.  She held out the quilt and described everything about it and how it represented God’s goodness in this journey with Charlie.  Thank you Jeanne for using your God given talents to glorify Him and bless others.

From Jeanne:

I had so much fun visiting with you and meeting Charlie. My prayers for all the Fines continue.

So, here is the encouragement I’d offered you with the lap quilt made for you and Charlie:

The quilt is titled “The Race is On”.


In the quilting world, a “jelly roll” is a collection of 40 x 2.5″ strips of fabric, color coordinated. A “Jelly Roll Race” is where you sew all 40 strips together in a specific fashion (end to end, then fold and sew, fold and sew, till you have a lap quilt). This quilt is an example of how the quilt looks from a Jelly Roll Race.

As the hymn goes, we cannot expect to sail to heaven on flowery beds of ease while others sail through bloody seas. We praise God for the trials He gives knowing that He provides even greater measure of blessing along with and through those trials. Sometimes God provides feathers to soften the load. So I quilted this lap quilt with my version of wonky feathers – we laughed at how I don’t really do traditional featherwork.

I don’t recall if I mentioned that the most beautiful quilts have a strong contrast of colors. It is the dark fabric that makes the colors appear brighter and even more beautiful. A little corollary to life there.

The backing I used is a soft fleece, but a very dark, navy blue. The quilt design is even more pronounced on the back – so I would remind you that in the darkest times, God is still creating a beautiful design in our lives. And some of the feathers have a more pronounced “spine”. This is because I had to go over the spine several times to finish that particular feather design. So it also seems in life that God has us repeat the same lesson several times before we finally “get it” and can move on. But it’s still part of God’s plan, part of the beauty of what God is making.

The occasional dog hair is a result of the quilt being made in my house. Please ignore it.

Thelma Mueller once asked me how one goes about getting a quilt from Jeanne Harvey. I told her they are given only on the most special occasions. Charlie is such an occasion – and he was born on my birthday! What a gift! You all are in my prayers with my every remembrance of you.

I love you Jeanne!

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