Prayer Requests for Charlie

Charlie is doing beautifully! Rash is gone, only tiny pain med dose left, lowering more in an hour! His bowels are working a lot, great news! Wounds look beautiful with nice pink tissue. Kidneys and lungs and skin functioning great. God has shown Himself mighty in Charlie! I will never be the same.

Prayer Requests:
-Stomach study 9/30 tomorrow morning at 8:45am – praying for good and accurate findings, no stenosis or atresia would be a miracle!
-plan for surgery or no surgery will follow study- praying if surgery is needed, schedule asap!
-big prayer for the future, that he would be a good and productive eater!!! Pray NO G tube necessary for feeding. Pray he will nurse and nurse effectively, strong, and no intervention needed for feeding! This will be our next big hurdle with or without surgery. PRAY!
-pray he would be able to eat soon, very soon!
-pray that we would be a light here, Charlie and I pray a lot. We pray for all the babies here and docs and nurses. God keeps moving us and putting us next to very critical babies, what a joy to pray for them. Lives are saved every day here- glory be to God! Some in very difficult situations.

SO thankful for Charlie- our little warrior! And you, our faithful prayer warriors…

Deborah Fine

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