Last night was a little rough for Charlie.  They have decided to postpone the stomach study until tomorrow or Friday.  Trusting that God knows what is best for Charlie.

From a friend:

The Lord would say to you and Charlie
“I have promised you that I would provide your every need. I have kept My promise and will keep it still. I am the God who fed a million people in their wilderness journey, yet they complained and doubted Me over and over. You will see My hands opened to you, full of everything that you need.

The wilderness test has come. As I tested Phillip with the hungry multitude, I have tested your heart to see if you would look only to Me as your great supply and your great reward. I will bring My glory over all your disappointment and break your limitations as you look to Me. Never doubt in the dark what I have revealed to you in the light, for My promises endure and I have never failed to show you My love. Nourish your heart in My promises and laugh at your impossibilities, and the miracle will be birthed in your heart.

Stones will praise Me. Will you praise Me even before you see the miracle manifest? Watch Me work where you have given up hope. Watch what I will do when you fill your heart with praises. From the dark chaos I will bring forth beauty, abundant life, and radiant light. Even this day you will see the beginning of all I have planned for you when you look to Me and to Me alone.”

2 thoughts on “Delay

  1. Debbie – Nichole called to tell me about your Charlie and said she told you about our Tate. I’m catching up on your blog as I sit here watching my son receive his chemo. Everything you’ve written speaks to my mama’s heart. Thank you for being an encouragement to me through your honesty and pointing to Christ. We, too, have been amazed as the grace God has poured out on us as we walk this journey we don’t want to walk. His peace has surpassed all understanding and even in those moments where I waver, He has shown Himself to be faithful and more than enough. We are praying for Charlie, for you, Bob & your family. We serve an amazing God that does not sleep or grow weary. Loved how you wrote about not looking at the mountain but at the flowers along the trail up the mountain. I find that to be so true. I’m not called to be faithful in tomorrow – just today – right now. I can’t store up His grace for anything other than right now and it is more than sufficient. Love you. Let me know if we can do anything else. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. -Amy


  2. Bob. Debbie and family. We are continually praying for Charlie and all of you. Are friends in Christ in Pagosa Springs & Round Rock are also. God bless each of you. Uncle Larry & Helen.


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