We are thankful that Charlie continues to improve and strengthen.  We have been leaving the breathing tube in his throat in hopes of his next surgery happening.  However, due to our surgeon’s busy schedule, we won’t see the OR until Friday or next Wednesday.  PLEASE PRAY FOR FRIDAY.  This is hard for mama to swallow, but trusting that there is a bigger purpose for the delay for Charlie.  The good news is that they are going to go ahead and take out the breathing tube today…thus, deaccessorizing!  This will be a tremendous relief for Charlie and make holding him much easier.  Plus, this will make Grandma Sue very happy to not have the tube tape pulling and hiding his darling upper lip that we haven’t seen for 28 days.

Charlie has prolonged awake times of happy kicking and moving about.  I have been holding him twice a day for many hours.  It has taken about three people to get him into my arms, so once we are there, we stay- OK by me!  Now that should all change with the tube coming out.  One beautiful thing that all you mama’s probably know, but I have witnessed…is that when baby is on mama, everything soars! Heart rate, oxygen, breathing- everything synchronizes and stabalizes.  I have read that and heard that, but never had the opportunity to sit next to a computer screen with all of my baby’s numbers being displayed in real time.  It’s true! Isn’t God amazing?!  So Mama’s hold those babies, snuggle those babies, touch those babies.  My guess is that it’s good for toddlers and teenagers too- watch out David…mom is going to want snuggles when I get home(:

Well, I am off to change Charlie’s diaper and help get that tube out…FREEDOM!

Please pray specifically:

God’s timing for surgery- what’s best for Charlie.  Friday is soonest possibility.

Pray for continued healing of tissue, surgery wounds, small fluid pocket by liver, that feeding would be a smooth transition after surgery.

Pray for baby Faith, our neighbor

Pray that we would love the people here and be a light to everyone we meet.

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