We are grateful for the answer to prayer for surgery to happen tomorrow instead of next Wednesday!  This surgery will repair the duodenal atresia or block in his intestine.  This repair is a great step towards healing because it will allow Charlie to start getting breastmilk and letting his intestines function normally.  I understand the transition to food can be tricky.  Some babies take right to it, others take a long time.  We are scheduled for tomorrow at 9am and the whole process will likely take a few hours.  We covet your prayers for a safe and successful surgery and also that he would transition to real food easily and quickly.  He is such a sweet trooper!

           image  image

One thought on “Surgery

  1. From my experience with 2 babies having similar experiences, it was several days of healing before milk could be tried, but it went well after that. Glad you are on track for surgery tomorrow! I’ll be praying all goes well.


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