Prayer for Charlie 10/12/15

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Thank you for your prayers. It has been a very difficult few days for Charlie (and mom). With surgery last Friday and several new developments since then, we have some specific prayer requests:
1) Renewed strength and vigor for this battle/journey for Charlie, Mom, Dad, and family.
2) The clot that has formed by his PICC line would dissolve and not cause any problems.
3) No infection (he has increased WBC)
4) The surgery wound site has begun leaking bile- not a good thing. The surgeon hopes that it is just an injured intestine from surgery that could very well heal itself. They are watching closely and hoping his body will heal the site wherever it is coming from. In her experience this heals on it’s own in more than 50% of incidences. This would be the best case scenario for Charlie. Another stomach study can determine where the leak is if it doesn’t heal in a few days.

Trusting the Great Physician,

image image

1)  My little “burrito” boy right before surgery  2) Thankful my sister is here for a couple of days to be with me and my family- lots of laughter and tears!  And a sweet visit from Cindy.  3)  Bob and Sarah talking with Charlie- Can you see Charlie’s bright eye’s looking at dad?


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