Taste and See that the Lord is Good!


Psalm 34:8
O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

Charlie may not be drinking this green smoothie directly but he is getting it indirectly now (thanks to my green smoothie makin’ friends!) YES!  He is getting milk!!!  He is getting about 100ml’s of breastmilk every day at this point and tolerating it beautifully.  Praise God! Thank you for those of you who prayed to that end.  Once again it seemed an unatainable desire until God simply moved the mountain that stood in the way.


(milk in a syringe being delivered to Charlie’s small intestine)

A while back two of my children came with dad to visit Charlie and I at the hospital.  My first thought when they walked in was that they had both grown!  Now, that in and of itself is nothing strange, children do that- they grow!  What struck me was that the food that was helping them grow wasn’t my cooking.  At least it hasn’t been for many weeks.  A huge portion of it has come from our amazing church family, neighbors and their church, friends, and family.  So many of you have lovingly served my family during this time by providing food for us.  It is an overwhelming act of mercy and kindness that has taken on a deeper meaning to me.


Hot meals delivered to my family, Costco runs, grocery store runs, green smoothies to the hospital, friends droping by with lunch, bringing dinner to enjoy a double date in the hospital NICU lobby (romantic I know), a cousin who labored to bring nourishing food in the first days, a friend who maintains a weekly drop of a 3 day supply of 3 meals a day for the week here at the hospital, pizza with cousins, granola bars by mail, baskets of fruit, bags of trail mix, and so much more!


It is humbling to be served and loved in this way during this trial.  We are grateful and overwhelmed by the sacrificial service by so many of you!  Thank you for caring for one of the “least of these” (Charlie) by helping us keep our feet on the ground while we try to care for him an hour away from the rest of our family, in order to bring him home where he belongs!

Charlie continues to do well.  He no longer has any tubes in his mouth!  This is a huge relief for him and for his mom who wants to kiss his cute little lips.  He has increased his milk intake daily while decreasing everything else.  His fistula continues to leak but everything else is looking so good.  Today Charlie was very happy and content with good alert times and great sleep times.  I held him most of the day.  We also met with a physical therapist that gave me some great ideas of things to be doing with Charlie to help him gain strength and health.  There are so many lovely people in this hospital!

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