Thankful for progress

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Charlie has been doing very well.  He has increased milk intake again today and is doing beautifully with it.  His incision continues to heal and the leaking fistula inside the incision has decreased it’s output dramatically.  This is a VERY good thing.  Decreased output will encourage it to close and heal. We are still very hopeful that it will resolve itself. If this heals it means we can start putting food in his belly and we will be much closer to going home!  He is requiring very little O2 help, he is growing, sleeping, and having happy wake times.  Praise God!  Charlie enjoyed many visitors today, lots of snuggling, kisses, and loving touches.  He definitely remembers his siblings and loves when they come to visit.  Home will be a good place for him when the time is right!  Charlie’s nurse brought in a little swing for him last night and his day nurse graduated him from the little warmer bed to a big boy crib.  This was very fun for him because we were able to put a mobile and other fun toys in and on it.  He loves his little black and white mobile and will stare at it intently.  (oh anoather flight for life just arrived, always gives me the chills because it reminds me of Charlie’s arrival at Children’s – so thankful for the life saving efforts this hospital exerts daily…it is remarkable!)  Charlie is swaddled up like a burrito sleeping peacefully in his big boy crib right now.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support…God bless you!  Good Night…

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