What’s in a name?



Charles Grant Fine

What’s in this name you ask?  Well there is A LOT in this name.

Charles is the middle name of Bob’s middle brother, Brian Charles.  He is a wonderful man. Bob remembers Brian being a really good big brother, older by 5 years.  He was a caregiver and protector to Bob.  He was always looking out for him. Brian is like a giant teddy bear with a great big heart.  He is a hard worker and genuinely loves people.

Charles also means: Warrior.  God had laid it on our heart that Charlie was born to be a warrior.  We didn’t even know the road that Charlie had ahead of him at the time.  God knew he was going to need a warrior spirit to survive his first months.  Not just any warrior…

But a Grand or Great Warrior!  Grant means: grand or great.

Grant is the first name of my older middle brother Grant.  Grant is a fun-loving and tender-hearted man.  I always knew whenever I was with him he would take care of me and we would have a really good time!  It was fun to follow his footsteps into high school, because everyone that knew him loved him. Grant also has a genuine love for people and truly would lay his life down for others.

We thank the Lord for two very special uncles for Charlie.  Charlie, may you love people and fight for good things like uncle Grant and uncle Brian!

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