Dress Me Up


The day before Charlie was born Bob and I went shopping for a special gown and blanket for Charlie.  Today he wore it for the first time since arriving at the hospital.  He looked so handsome!  My nurse, Erica and I had fun dressing him up.  I am not sure he had as much fun as we did though.

Today I had time to reflect on all that God has done for Charlie.  It has been the longest and shortest 2 months of my life.  So much has happened.  Charlie has gained so much health. It all blends together.  God is so merciful to soften the memories of the intense ups and downs.  I am so thankful for the peace he has given us in the recent days.  Charlie is sleeping through the night and having good days.  The pain factor seems to be little to none and his body is healing so nicely.  His wound and incision are healing.  The plan is to allow the incision wound to heal, and hopefully the fistula within the incsion as well.  It is still not leaking, which is a really good sign.  Then we will do another stomach study to make sure it is healed and NO scar tissue has developed to narrow the intestine where the fistula is.  If all is clear we will begin feeding Charlie from the stomach and mouth instead of the tube.  We had to back off on the breastmilk as his stool became very loose, meaning he wasn’t tolerating as much as we were giving him.  Please pray that he would begin to tolerate and digest well again so we can start increasing milk intake again.  He is at 6ml’s and needs to get to 18.  There was mention of a special formula they can try if he won’t tolerate breastmilk…not our desire at all.  Please pray he will tolerate milk and that the docs will have wisdom on the rate at which we increase so to help him adjust and digest.  Charlie is doing well on all other fronts.  He is a strong little boy.


Prayer Requests:  Incision and fistula heal quickly and completely, Charlie will digest and tolerate breastmilk well, his tummy will tolerate milk and he will eat by mouth- bottle or preferably nursing, Charlie will go home soon, mom and dad will be patient- waiting on the Lord and his timing for Charlie’s homecoming.


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