Hope in Christ

Thank you all for praying for Charlie and I today.  We were all so surprised by the turn of events last night.  Charlie had been doing so well and showing good signs of healing and moving in the right direction.  The turn to the south happened very fast.  We didn’t really get any answers as to why this might have happened.  Our surgery team is not here on the weekends which makes it difficult to get any answers or movement.  Right now it sounds like the plan will be to let him rest for 2-3 days and then begin feeds again much slower.  This did not make sense to us because it seemed like there had to be a new block in the intestines (which is a possibility) the way things backed up.  Why would we put food back in there?  Then Bob and I visited with some friends we have made here and when we told them about it they immediately said they had been through this exact same scenario twice.  It had all appearance of a blockage, but was really just an intolerance to the feeds at the rate at which they were increased. This was encouraging and helped us to understand why they want to wait a few days and begin feeding agian at a slower rate.  Praying he will tolerate it and that there indeed is no blockage in his intestines.  Thankfully Charlie is doing well and staying strong in all other areas.

I am grateful for the elder’s that came this morning to pray over Charlie, sing, and read scripture that blessed Charlie and I.  The words were balm to my soul as my eyes were to wet to read for myself.  Thank you brother’s for loving, caring, encouraging, and serving us in that way.  I am grateful for the friends that came to the hospital without me asking, just to be with me, and listen to church together- when they likely knew I was struggling.  I am grateful for the many prayers that were prayed for Charlie today, the emails, and the texts.  We don’t deserve such wonderful friends and family, but thank you Lord!

The elder’s were talking about the great HOPE that we have in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and telling Charlie to hope in Christ.  Bill suggested we hang a sign in Charlie’s crib that he could look at to remind him of this hope.


 When they left I pulled out the crayons and paper and began making a sign for Charlie (and myself) to remind us that we have greater hope than that of even functional bowels. We have an eternal hope that we will one day have new bodies and will live in the presence of our Almighty God!  Charlie will receive a new body. This life is short, we are like flowers that fade away.  Our sufferings are temporal, we have heaven to set our eyes towards, what a glorious hope.  Christ is risen indeed!


3 thoughts on “Hope in Christ

  1. HE HAS RISEN INDEED! And what a blessed boy Charlie is to have you for a Mom. God Bless you Deb especially with strength beyond understanding today and everyday of this battle
    Barb and Rusty


  2. It was such a blessing for us to visit with you, hear how Charlie is doing, and to hear how the Lord is working in your life through this. Your life is such a witness to his power, and we are so excited to see your light shining!


  3. Dear Debbie: Your tribute to your Mom made me cry. How blessed you were to grow up with such a model.
    I am truly sorry to hear this very painful news about Charlie. I once taught a student with cystic fibrosis and heard first hand how difficult his life was. He did not survive past his teen years. I think your girl Enid is likely to have your Mom’s traits. She and I flirt a bit every Sunday. Love, Vivienne P.


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