First Snow and Upper GI study

Charlie and I woke up to his first snow day and celebrated God’s goodness to us in this beautiful gift.  The snowflakes that flutter by our window now remind me of God’s perfect and unique design of each flake and fluff- as well his unique and perfect design of each of his children, even Charlie.  This causes me to want to give praise to our God for even the things that God has allowed in Charlie’s body to bring the present difficulties.  God is worthy of our praise – yes, even in the difficulty.  It’s not easy, it’s not “natural.”  I know that God’s ways and what is best for me is not always the easy path, often it is not.  But He is God, not I.  He is worthy of praise… So,  “I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” Psalm 34:1

Charlie will go for another upper GI study this morning at 10:20 am to hopefully determine what next step is best for him.  These tests are always another opportunity to trust in the Lord.  It is difficult to let them take him away to a different floor and wait and wait, hoping for good news.  Thankfully, my faith continues to grow.  I am increasingly able to rest and trust in God and loosen my grip on the things of this world.  God loves Charlie and I and he is faithful!

Tomorrow we will be moved to a new room on the North side of the floor.  I will miss my lovely window view and southern sunshine.  I will miss our quiet hall.  There are many things we have gotten use to in this wing of the hospital.  If you haven’t already gathered, change is not my forte’.  Yet another opportunity to trust God.  So if you come to visit, we will be in a new place!

Prayer requests:  healing of the fistula, bowels to function, ability to begin feeds (breastmilk) again, good results from study at 10:20am- no blockage, comfort for Charlie’s heart, protection for my family, and contentment for me.

BONUS Prayer request:  Would be greatly blessed to get a room with SUNSHINE!  On the North side, that will be difficult.


Charlie’s first snow!

2 thoughts on “First Snow and Upper GI study

  1. Debbie – you don’t know me, but my mom (Karin Patton) and your dad are cousins. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through, but I am getting a beautiful picture of your faith journey. I just wanted you to know what a blessing your writing is to my mom and I as we mourn my father’s passing earlier this year. You have a gift for writing and expressing God’s love in difficult circumstances and I know He is pleased that you are sharing it. He purposes us to bring glory to Him no matter our circumstances and you are doing just that – ministering to us through your faith and trust in our great Creator, the Ancient of Days who rules and reigns over our lives. No matter how fearful today and the future may seem, we know we are safe in God’s good, strong hands. God bless you and your beautiful family!


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