Where does my help come from?

“Where does my help come from?  My help comes from the LORD,                               maker of heaven and earth.”  Psalm 121

Sunshine it is!  The Lord heard and answered…the charge nurse told me that she felt so bad for our 6th move, that she gave us the best room in the hall- full of sunshine.  Thank you Lord, Charlie can still receive his daily sun baths.  This room is unusually full of sunshine with Savannah visiting me and staying here tonight.  What a delight!

Charlie has had a more difficult time in the last 24 hours.  We think he is feeling uncomfortable since his upper GI study.  His incision site didn’t look very good tonight and he was so uncomfortable that I requested the surgeon come take a look.  The NP came first and agreed so she called in the surgery fellow and agreed so she called the surgeon.  He, the top dog, didn’t know what to say.  Everyone’s hands are tied.  No answers.  No resolutions.  No clue!  Thankfully my top dog isn’t a surgeon.  My top dog is ALL powerful, ALL knowing, ALL sufficient, ALL capable, ALL loving, ALL amazing, ALL sovereign, and completely able to heal every disease, wound, and fistula- in His time.  We need God to heal Charlie.  No one at the finest Children’s hospital in the country can seem to help us with that right now, but God can.  Please pray with us that Charlie’s fistula and incision would close up and heal.  Also that he would begin eliminating again and be comforted.

I am thankful for another sweet day with Charlie, praying God will heal him rapidly so that he can go home with his familyj.


Annie and Ross visit Charlie


LuCinda snuggles Charlie

2 thoughts on “Where does my help come from?

  1. Wow! Praying for the miracle healing! You are so faithful. I’m sure God is using you and Charlie in a mighty way. So happy for the sunshine room. It always makes things brighter in every way…
    Barb and Rusty


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