Happy Birthday Nana

(Written November 13, 2015)


Dearest Charlie,

Today, 70 years ago, your Nana was born.  Today I think of her, remember her ways, delight in the memories of so much:  laughter, joy, nurturing, tears, hugs, kisses, german chocolate cake, her favorite perfume, carrot juice, marathons, joy, gardening, chicken noodle soup, her sacrificial ways, her powerful generosity, chocolate chip cookies, her life-giving tendencies, farm girl stories, modesty, humility, joy, M&M’s, burrito wrapped grandbabies and did I mention JOY?!  Your Nana was a very joy-filled woman.  She could find a ray of sunshine in any circumstance, and there she would camp.  She knew how to brighten a room with her smile and beauty.  She would help us children awake in the morning with a song, some cheer, and an opened window.  She would proclaim, “It’s time to rise and shine!  It’s a beautiful day!  So many good things to do!”


Charlie, if your Nana were here today she would LOVE you to pieces.  I am sure she would burrito wrap you like no professional nurse ever could (and they are good).  She would snuggle and kiss you.  She would sing and pray with you.  She would hug your mama and cry with her too. She would share cute stories about your cousins.  She would make your mama smile and feel lighter.  She would sell her belongings if it meant your life.  She would tidy your room in a functional and beautiful way.  And if this all wasn’t enough…she would have ALL our laundry clean, folded, ironed, and put away.


Charlie, I want you to know from where you have come.  You must know your grandparents, great, great-great, and so on… But today, on your Nana’s birthday I want you to know that she would want you to fight this battle well (you are), she would want you to have a song in your heart (you do), she would want you to trust in Jesus (you are/will), she would want you to shine that light brightly to everyone you meet (definitely are!), she would want you to drink your green drink (I am), and enjoy a small bit of chocolate when able (I am), and little Charlie she would want you to get well so she could teach you to hula hoop, jump rope, twirl baton, sing, jump on the trampoline, and have laughing sessions…where you laugh together until you literally have tears in your eyes and you are rolling on the floor!


When your Nana was just hours from entering eternity with our King, I kissed her and touched her and I promised her that any grandbabies that came after she left would know her intimately.  She heard me and as much as she wanted to stay here with us we knew that she longed to be with her Savior, home.  The last thing she mouthed was “It is well with my soul” as our family sang to her. As much as I want her here with us right now, I would never wish her back from Paradise.  She is in glory- the eternal presence of our King, where we will join her Charlie, in God’s perfect timing.  Happy Birthday Mom!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nana

  1. What a sweet Mother you were blessed to have, Debbie. Such a great example of glorifying our Lord through her calling as wife, mother and Grandmother. 💐


  2. Wow, Deb! God be praised! Her joy permeates you. As you grieve her absence, I pray you will be encouraged in the sweet heritage she has given you and yours. Many, many hugs to you and Charlie!


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