Charlie Praise/Prayer


Praise: the pulmonary specialists came in last night to tell us that after reviewing the information, Charlie does NOT have Cystic Fibrosis. One of the numbers on the test was slightly elevated, but would be expected for a baby that has recently had surgery. They have one last test they want to do before they clear him 100%, but they indicated that it would be very unlikely for him to have it. At this point with the information we have, if this final test were positive, it could only be the most mild form of CF which involves few to no symptoms. They said they don’t expect that. They were unhappy about how I was given the MISinformation to begin with, but I just wanted to praise to God for the good results so far! God has been so faithful and merciful- even in the darkest valley’s.

Prayer: We are still in a holding pattern with no feeds until his fistula stops leaking and his bowels begin to move again. He has had some increased pain as well. These are our top priorities right now. THANK YOU for your prayers!

In the Shadow of the Almighty,
Debbie Fine


Aunt Shannon, cousin Jake, and cousin Weston                                                    travelled from UT to visit and help.

3 thoughts on “Charlie Praise/Prayer

  1. We remain steadfast in praying for Charlie! I cant even imagine the ups and downs of getting possible incorrect medical reports. Praying for solid answers form the medical team and for increased strength and healing for Charlie!
    We love you Charlie!!!


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