Prayer Requests

This week is a big week for Charlie.  Today he goes for a procedure where they will attempt to put in a new tube that we can try feeding him through again.  Pray that they are able to complete this successfully, protection for Charlie, and that they would not need anesthesia to accomplish this.  If they end up needing anesthesia he will be reintubated,  which is always tough.

Tomorrow we will be having a “care conference” in regards to the long term plan for Charlie’s healing.  This will include everyone on his team in one room including nurses, doctors, surgeons, cardiologists, etc..  Pray that God would give wisdom and vision as they collaborate for what is best for Charlie.

My children still pray that Charlie could come home for Christmas.  They help increase my faith and remind me of the hope that we have in Jesus.  Though he may or may not be home for Christmas, I want to continue to pray in faith while bearing up under this trial.

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