Update 12-2-15

Thank you for praying!

Charlie is back. He is alert and happy-and have I mentioned how sweet he is?! He is NOT intubated which is a grand praise. We learned more from this procedure. There are basically 3 holes in the intestine. One (maybe 2) will need repair. The other 1 or 2 could heal on their own. The tube was put in through his wound/incision site with hopes of feeding through it in a week or so. They will look towards repairing these things mid-January, tentatively. All of this can be a bit breath-taking for mom, but I am again reminded that none of this takes God, Yahweh-Rophe by surprise.

Thank you for another day of laboring in love through prayer for Charlie. One mile at a time, we will run, and we will finish! by the great strength and mercy that comes from God…

Trusting Jesus,

One thought on “Update 12-2-15

  1. What a trooper that Charlie is.. Not to mention his faithful Mom..PTL for that good report. Love and continued prayers…


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