Milk Pump Returns

imageI am SORRY for the delay in updates. The website has not been working. BUT…are back online now!

It was a celebration when the nurse had to go find another pump to deliver FEEDS! What a blessing.  The photo above is Charlie’s feed pump that is delivering milk into his intestines via a  tube at 1-2ml/hr.  It was dark and Charlie was sleeping, so this is the best I could do.

PRAISING GOD for the baby steps we have taken this week. Charlie has been on small amounts of milk for 36 hours. He seems to be tolerating it well. Today they raised it from 1 to 2 ml/hr which is a very small amount, but HUGE progress. We are hopeful that he can continue to tolerate it and that his little body will process it and put it out in the right place.

Charlie has been struggling a little more with the breathing component and oxygen levels. This could be related to his heart condition. We are just trying to keep things in bablance until we can start repairing things (ie. gut and heart).

THANK YOU for your prayers!

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