A Charlie Fine Christmas

imageThis year we decided as a family to focus our energies towards Christ and helping Charlie get well.  So we did not get out the usual Christmas tree and decorations.  Instead we put up a small tree, a “Charlie Tree” we call it.  It has a few bulbs and an ornament we made for each child with a photo of them with Charlie.  It is a special tree, a tree that none of us will ever forget.


Naomi has been praying for a while that Charlie could come home by Christmas…she still is.  I have encouraged her to think about praying for Charlie to be home by Easter, Savannah’s 17th birthday.  Now that would be wonderful!  We don’t really know how long we will have to be here, but we trust that not one day will be wasted in the sight of God.


Last week a sweet lady delivered a special box from my sister’s family to our room.  It was a darling little tree with several lion ornaments and lights.  We had so much fun opening each little ornament representing the warrior spirit of our lionhearted Charlie!  So precious, thanks Ash.


The next day the special “brown truck” delivered an enormous box filled with a gift for each of our children from Uncle Paul’s family.   The next day the “brown truck” delivered a ham, roast, and a beautiful box of pears!  Thanks Uncle Jamey.



2 thoughts on “A Charlie Fine Christmas

  1. What an inspiration you all are! Love the tree! Love lil Charlie and all your faithful remarks. They have done so much for us just redid your tender heartfelt words. Wish we could do more for you. But I know prayers count. God Bless you all and praying for miraculous healing for Charlie..


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