Charlie Status 12-12-15

Charlie is awake and happy right now, though he is on a good amount of pain medicine.  His breathing is OK, but not great.  His blood culture came back positive for an infection in his central line.  He is on antibiotics…again.  We really need keep that line because all of his nutrition is delivered through it.  Hopefully the infection will clear.   God will carry us until surgery 1 month from today.  Holding onto HIM as we ride this roller coaster.  Sarah is my hospital buddy today.  This is such sweet time for the 3 of us. It is also a HUGE help and blessing to have her here because she is such a lovely nurturer to Charlie too- it gives me a rest.  Oh how my girl’s LOVE Bing here to help care for Charlie boy!

Many months ago we had surgery at the same time and next door to another precious little baby boy.  His mama became a sweet friend during our stay here at Children’s.  Well…yesterday they got to go home!  What a joyous day for them.  I will miss them but look forward to  him progressing and gaining health as he adjusts to life at HOME!  It delights my heart when I get to see the babies here go home.  Oh Charlie, your day will come!

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