A Big Fan

imageLast Saturday I went to the hospital with mom to stay the night. I never really know how much I miss my Charlie boy until I’m a few minuets away then I get SO excited! He is such a cute little blessing! He had a hard night the first night I was therewas happy and cuddly the next day! We listened to the church service with him, and when he heard dad’s voice exhorting he got really happy and was looking all over for him. He loves his dad!! The nurse let me help change his diapers and wound dressings, I really enjoyed that part! There is a cleaning lady there that is very sweet, she is always wearing a big smile and every time I pass her in the hall she asks how Charlie or mom or the family is doing, she adds a bright light to the halls of the NICU! Every time I go to stay the night with mom and Charlie I can feel the presence of God all around his room. It is SO sweet to be with my little man.  I think about all that he has gone through and is still going through…and it is WAY more than I have ever gone through in all my life! He is a trooper, and a mighty warrior! It is amazing to think that God has a purpose for him, we don’t know what it is but we know it is God’s will for him to go through this, so we won’t complain.

Keep praying for our little warrior.  Pray that God will give him strength to fight the battles ahead.
Sarah (Still his biggest fan!) 🙂

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