Merry CHRISTmas!


Merry Christmas!  It has been a blessed Christmas for the Fine family.  Thank you to so many people who have helped us this week- helped us to have a sweet Christmas as a family despite our little man living at the hospital.  It has been our simplest Christmas ever and many of our children have said that this was the best Christmas ever!  Thank you to all who offered to sit with Charlie, the thoughtful gifts from family and friends, delicious food, calls, emails, warm cinnamon rolls, and tons of prayers.  We are all SO very thankful for you and especially the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

We had a nice morning at home and then visited Charlie at the hospital. Charlie was having a hard time when we got there, but we had some good time with him!  Oh, we love that sweet boy.

The hospital has a program where they give a gift to each sibling of anyone in the hospital over Christmas.  They took me down to a conference room filled to the brim with toys.  I had a personal shopper who took me around and helped gather a gift and a stuffed animal for each child.  It was an overwhelming blessing and encouragement to my children.

Hoping each of you had a Merry Christmas!!!



One thought on “Merry CHRISTmas!

  1. PTL! Such an awesome family.
    We look forward to your posts each day always with a prayer in our heart for Charlie’s complete recovery!


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