Big Battalion…or a beautiful baby!


“We fancy that God can only manage His world by big battalions . . . when all the while He is doing it by beautiful babies. . . . When a wrong wants righting, or a work wants doing, or a truth wants preaching, or a continent wants opening, God sends a baby into the world to do it. That is why, long, long ago, a babe was born at Bethlehem.” (F. W. Boreham, Mountains in the Mist: Some Australian Reveries [1919], 166-67, 170)



In my last post I think I made it pretty clear that this journey with Charlie has been hard.  Hard is actually an inadequate word.  It is inadequate in describing the pain, suffering, enduring, forging, pushing, pulling, aching, crying, longing, and groaning.  When we watched an inspiring story of a Down’s woman called “When Robin Prays,” I was reminded that 90% of Down’s babies don’t ever make it to their BIRTHday.  Instead they are snatched out of the womb and considered unworthy for life, a nuisance, not valuable, you get the idea.  Oh my!  The tragedy!  Talk about stealing, killing, and destroying…exactly what that is- and exactly what satan wants to do, especially to these precious chromosomally enhanced lives!  As HARD as this has been, I would NEVER NEVER dream of having done this any differently.  Even if I had found out early on in my pregnancy, it wouldn’t have changed a thing.  God created Charlie to be who he is.  This was by design.  This was done in great love for Charlie, my family, and I…and hopefully for all who meet him.  You see, Charlie has a grand deposit to make here (as my midwife likes to say(:).  So do I trust my God with “hard?”  Do I believe he will carry us through “hard?”  Do I view “hard” as a gift?  Does God use “hard” for good?  Can God turn “hard” into something beautiful?  Does “hard” change me forever?  Is “hard” with God exciting?


Friend, don’t shy away from “hard!”  Don’t take matters into your own  hands because you are afraid of “hard!”  Run into your “hard” – ARMS WIDE OPEN!  Don’t look back, don’t kick “hard”, don’t resent “hard”, and don’t grow bitter from “hard”.  Instead, put your energy towards building a relationship with God who will not only see you through “hard” but change you and mold you and shape you and form you into something much better than life before “hard”!  Friend, meet “hard” head on and see the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords show Himself mighty and able…

Palm 27:14 ” Wait on the Lord;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the Lord!”

2 thoughts on “Big Battalion…or a beautiful baby!

  1. Thank you for your sweet example of being willing to be a loving and humble servant of Jesus. I think and pray for you and Charlie often. Much love to you!


  2. Amen. Amen. Amen. Patience worketh endurance and endurance hope!! PRAISE GOD for the trials He gives us to treasure and to work on us. I am SO thankful for the way in which I see God working in a beautiful, precious way to make you and your precious family much more precious than gold.


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