Charlie Update


It wasn’t until I posted this picture that I noticed that the new boppy pillow cover Charlie is sleeping on has a picture of a green helicopter with a little lion in it.  I am sweetly reminded by it of the first day of this battle when God PRESERVED the life of our little Lion-hearted Charlie!  It even involved a green helicopter… That was the day his life was hanging in the balance and God’s people all over Colorado, the U.S, and the world were crying out to God for Charlie’s life.  I could hear the clanging of swords in the spiritual battle that was being waged for Charlie’s life.  I can only imagine the delight of our King to witness such love, fortitude, strength,  power, faith, and warrior-likeness of His people who approached His throne that day with huge plea’s.  They begged for Charlie’s life, they rebuked the enemy, they called on God’s angel armies, they asked for victory over death that day…September 9th 2015.  Charlie turned 4 months old yesterday, and God has preserved his life!  He is growing!  Despite his rough start, he is developing!  We have a plan towards healing!  We have great hope for wholeness of Charlie’s body!

Charlie is doing well, despite the difficulties of daily hospital living that inevitably includes pokes, pricks, cold stethoscopes, too sticky band-aids, beeping equipment, sibling restrictions, blood pressure cuffs, tubes, wires, etc..  With the countdown to 8 days until surgery, we are very excited for this next step towards healing.  It became clear many weeks ago that the previous surgery had failed to the point that it would not be able to heal on it’s own.  It was determined that it would be best to let Charlie grow, get stronger, and resolve as much inflammation and scarring as possible from the previous surgery before repairing again.  The surgery could be difficult, lasting up to 8 hours.  They will repair the duodenal atresia again and investigate for any other blocks or strictures.

We have become friends with another NICU family that had some medical-wise family Who did some research on the surgeon that we share.  They told us that we couldn’t have hand-picked a better surgeon for our case.  He is brilliant.  He is a kind, smart, gentle, blue-eyed (Norwegian? I am guessing by his accent).  He cares very much for Charlie and expects this surgery to be successful.  I have been praying that even now God would be preparing him for January 12th by giving him knowledge of God, strength, wisdom, health, clarity, divine skill, and great love for Charlie as he makes decisions and works carefully on Charlie’s insides.

For our Prayer Warriors:

-prayer for the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and all assistants and nurses that will be present January 12th- that they would have wisdom, strength, health, love, clarity, and SUCCESS!

-prayer for Charlie to stay healthy, no infections, continued healing of bowels, continued stability of his sweet little heart,  encouragement for him emotionally, spiritually and physically

-prayer for me, that I would embrace the spiritual greenhouse God has housed me in at Children’s Hospital, that I would not miss 1 opportunity for growth or outreach, strength, endurance, hope, and continued health.

-prayer for grandma’s and friends that are helping me out with Charlie. Bless them, encourage them, keep them healthy and strong.  Give Charlie a deep love for them, that he would feel comforted and encouraged by them when I am away.

-prayer for my husband and children to be protected and encouraged in the Lord, continued growth, joy and endurance.


3 thoughts on “Charlie Update

  1. Debbie, We are praying fervently for Charlie’s pain to subside and that his little body will be strong going into surgery.
    Love, Patti for all the Dottens


  2. Hello Fines,

    All the Sechrists, as well as Tammy’s mom who is recovering at our home, will be praying today!

    We love you.


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