43 Hours to Surgery


Thank you for all of your prayers, love, and support as we approach our BIG surgery day. The surgeon talked with us today.  We are all very thankful that the time is close to finally be able to repair Charlie.  Surgery is never “easy,” but for Charlie it will be much needed movement in the right direction.  He is holding steady and doing well as we help manage his pain and love on him- to pieces.

God, in His grand mercy has sustained Charlie and his family thus far.  He has given me and confirmed over and over such a deep and precious knowledge of His presence…moment by moment.  A presence that has strengthened me even when things seemed inconeivably bad.  He desires us to walk this way all of the time, in His presence, filled with the Holy Spirit, in the power and confidence that he ALONE can give us.

“The LORD is for me; I will not fear;                                                               What can man do to me? Psalm 118:6


-pray that God would keep Charlie healthy for the surgery.

-that Plan A would work for the surgery, being the least invasive with least amount of possible future complications.

-strengthen Charlie’s spirit and body  for what lies ahead.

-pray for pain management after surgery.  That we could use the least amount of Meds with the right amount of benefit for him.

-pray for protection, wisdom, skill, and strength for the surgery team.

3 thoughts on “43 Hours to Surgery

  1. You have our blessings thoughts and prayers. We will be anxiously awaiting the positive outcome of surgery. God Bless Charlie and the rest of the fine family😘


  2. We have been praying for Charlie and all of you from the beginning. Know we love and care about all of you. Love and many many prayers.


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