The SON is Shining – surgery day


We ARE HERE…January 12th has arrived.  None too soon.  Charlie had a very good morning with lots of cuddles, praying, worshiping, and now sleeping.  His hiccups were interrupting his eyes from closing until just now, he dozed off into sweet dreamland.  All is on schedule for 11ish departure for surgery.  The little baby warmer bed is ready for him to travel to the OR for God to direct the hands of his servants to repair our precious son.  I will post updates here as we get them.  THANK YOU for all the prayers!!!  It is overwhelming, it truly is.  As the sun poured in our room moments ago and warmed Charlie’s head, I was overcome with the knowledge that the SON is shining!  HE is magnificent and gets ALL the glory.  Again, thank you for linking arms with us today as we trust God and ask for big things in faith, for HIS glory.



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