Praising God

We are thankful for a good and optimistic report from the surgeon, just now. It was a tedious surgery, but the Dr. feels they were able to accomplish what was needed for Charlie to be able to eat real food in the near future.

In summary, they did remove some of the more compromised intestine but left plenty intact. They sewed up other perforations, and even checked for leaks. They removed the adhesions/scar tissue that were the likely cause of previous blockage, and possible pain.

He is very stable now thanks to help from the pharmacy. We now pray that the bowels will begin to move. When we see regular output from his stoma, we can consider feeding him. The Dr. said no sooner than a week for feeds.

Psalm 40:5

Bob Fine

4 thoughts on “Praising God

  1. Praise God!! Our family was praying for him last night at 8pm! So glad to hear Charlie is stable! May he heal up quickly! May God grant for you all to get some rest! With much love!!


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