The Discovery

Charlie just came back and here is what we have learned:

1)Leaking through incision from stomach via a fistula or tunnel from stomach to incision.  This could potentially heal on it’s own and is much better than if it were an intestine.

2)Another mystery leak was discovered by his ostemy.  Could be OK and dealt with when they repair the Ostemy.

3)We will look at him again tomorrow and if it is confirmed that there is no leak in the intestines, we will begin feeding him through the tube that bypasses the leak in the stomach.  Food would be super helpful on every front for him.


As we have learned, a lot of this is just waiting to see…so prayer for healing, and all the best case scenarios (still some unknowns), no further complications, no infection, more courage and strength for sweet little Charlie.

Still hoping to extibate him today…


2 thoughts on “The Discovery

  1. Charlie is amazing with all his resiliency. And so are you with all your faith. Well keep praying for miraculous healing. That God will take Charlie pain away and heal him. He is part of such a Fine family! God Bless you all.


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