Psalm 91:15-16   He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him.  With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.

Last night I received an automated call with a reminder that Charles has surgery tomorrow.  I guess it wasn’t a reminder because I actually didn’t know about it at all. However, it appears that our surgeon has determined that this is our best option for Charlie’s progress.  I do not know the plans yet, should know later today.  In the process of trying to replace Charlie’s feeding tube, it was determined that the last surgery was a failure.  Every time we operate it becomes more dangerous and there is always a possibility of creating more damage than good.  This is where these decisions become difficult.  But a functional intestinal system is required for life.

Our family will be praying and fasting for Charlie tomorrow.  We invite anyone who desires to join us at the throne of grace to do so.

Please pray for:

-wisdom, discernment, insight, ingenuity, creativity, and great success for the doctors.

-perseverance, strength, HEALING, hope, joy, and fight for little Charlie.

-For God’s glory to shine so brightly that this fresh white snow on the ground looks dim in comparison.





3 thoughts on “HE IS THE STORM

  1. We continue to daily lift Charlie up in prayer to our King. We pray He heals Charlie, and works through the surgeons to bring positive progress to Charlie’s journey.

    We pray great hope for all the Fines, remembering Whom it is we serve, and that His might is limitless.


  2. Oh bless your dear hearts and faith. We are here to join you in fasting and prayer. Can’t wait to meet lil Charlie when he gets better.
    Fasting and Prayers


  3. Hi Debbie, I LOVE the He is the Storm picture. Glad for the update to know how we His prayer troops are to lift up the littlest warrior.

    Love, Susan

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