A Friend


Thank you to my sister-in-love and some dear friends in CA for sending me these encouragements.  They couldn’t be more accurate.  Another friend once called her biggest trial…her friend.  Her friend?  YES! A friend.  Anything that causes us to lean on, love, trust, seek, admire, worship, and adore our Lord Jesus Christ more…is truly a FRIEND.  Thank you to this marathon of all marathon’s of a trial, you are a friend, you have drawn me to the arms of my Savior, like never before.  Friend, I will never be the same because of the difficulties you have laid in my lap.  Friend, you have stretched me beyond my boundaries into territories I didn’t even know existed!  And friend, it is there that my faith is deepened- because GOD is even there!  Friend, you are a good friend, and I will never look back on you with PTSD because some of my greatest moments of growth and joy have been birthed from you.  Oh loving father, thank you for bringing this friend into my life and may it be marked as a pillar of strength in my family where they can always gaze and remember your kindness, gentleness, care, love, presence, might, power, and faithfulness in this time.  It is crystal clear.

“My Father’s way may twist and turn,
My heart may throb and ache,
But in my soul I’m glad to know,
He maketh no mistake.

My cherished plans may go astray,
My hopes may fade away,
But I’ll trust my Lord to lead
For He doth know the way.

Tho’ night be dark, and it may seem
That day will never break,
I’ll pin my faith, my all in Him,
He maketh no mistake.

There’s so much now I cannot see,
My eyesight’s far too dim;
But come what may, I’ll simply trust
And leave it all to Him.

For by and by the mist will lift
And plain it all He’ll make,
Through all the way, tho’ dark to me
He made not one mistake.”

by A.M. Overton

Charlie is so calm and content tonight.  We snuggled and I marveled at his beautiful freshly bathed hair and skin.  If it weren’t for the bandage on his belly, you’d think he might wake up and be ready to go home!  I dream of the day.  Until then, we rest in God’s sovereign care as we walk this road patiently hoping for health to be restored.  He is such a treasure and his siblings are itching to have him in their presence again!

Thank you to those of you that prayed and/or fasted with us today in spite of the cancelled surgery.  We love you!


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