Heart Surgery just hours away…

I can already feel the flow of prayers going up on Charlie’s behalf…thank you!  Charlie is getting geared up for what is a huge and hopefully course altering surgery tomorrow.  There is a lot that goes on before a surgery and we have been busy with all the  preparation, signing papers, listening to plans, discussing options, and hoping for the future.  Tomorrow at 10am the anesthesiologist so will pick up our boy and take him downstairs for his heart repair.  This repair is one of the more common repairs but it is still major.  We will be in the cardiac intensive care unit for a few days before we return back to the regular NICU where all of Charlie’s favorite nurses are.

My oldest brother, Charlie’s Uncle Paul came from Idaho to meet Charlie for the first time.  He has been praying and loving over the past months from many miles away and it was sweet for them to meet and for me to get some time with my big bro.  I love you Paul!  Thanks for all of your encouragement and your good example.


Thank you for all the emails and texts and visits that have encouraged us deeply as we walk through the next stage of this journey with our sweet little lionhearted boy.  The Lord has been so faithful to us and we give him glory ahead of time for all He is doing and will do.

From the “F” ladies- We love you!

We cry out, on your behalf and on behalf of Charlie, David’s words in Psalm 16 and Paul’s words in Colossians 3:
Preserve Charlie, O God.
Preserve the Fine Family, for they put their trust in You.
O souls, you have said to the LORD, “You are my Lord!”
O LORD, You are the portion of the Fine’s inheritance and their cup;
You maintain their lot.
The lines have fallen to them in pleasant places;
Yes, they have a good inheritance in YOU!!

We know they are blessing the LORD, who is giving them counsel;
Their hearts also instruct them in the night seasons.
Day by day they set the LORD always before them;
And because You are at their right hand – they shall not be moved.

May their hearts be glad and their glory in You cause great rejoicing.
May their flesh and little Charlie’s rest in hope.
For you do not leave us in the abode of the dead;
And as Jesus Christ saw no corruption,
so those whose lives are hidden away in Christ in God
will be raised with Him, made alive together with Him.
When Christ, who is our life, appears,
then we also will appear with Him in glory.

That IS the path of life,
having our hearts of stone replaced with a hearts of flesh.
It is the path that leads to the kingdom of Heaven
Where we all will have fullness of joy in His presence;
And at the right hand of God, pleasures forevermore.

Blessed be our great God who is daily bearing your burdens.
We ask for His perfect work and mercy for Charlie and you all.

Amen and Amen.

5 thoughts on “Heart Surgery just hours away…

  1. Yes indeed! So glad Paul is there with you. And all of us in prayer. Don’t know of another lil buddy like Charlie who has received so many prayers. Again may Gods will and perfect comfort be with you all.


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