LION-HEART update 1pm


Esther,  the update nurse just came to tell us that Charlie is doing really well.  They have repaired the valve and are patching the septum now.  The most critical step in the whole process is coming within the hour- warming the heart back up again to begin beating and processing the blood.  Please pray that Charlie’s heart jumps back in the game eagerly and proficiently.

The first test they performed before they began on the heart came back favorably.  They did a “bronch” to check his airway which showed moderate inflammation, this is a praise!

Go little Lion-Heart!

(PHOTO: a diagram of the repair that is happening now.  Dividing the single valve into two and patching the missing wall between the two chambers)



One thought on “LION-HEART update 1pm

  1. Thank you God for your mighty hand upon Charlie!
    Lord, may his little heart beat strong and hard!
    Stay with it Charlie! Keep fighting!


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