Charlie Update



Charlie had a really good night.  His heart is functioning beautifully, like it never has before!  His overall heart muscle has always been very strong and stable, but it just needed a few tweeks to be able to perform it’s proper function, for a full and long life.  Charlie is moving more and starting to wake up from surgery.  We can’t wait to see his eyes.  We have excellent care and smart nurses. The technology and capabilities of the cardiac department are amazing.  All that they have done for Charlie to correct his heart so that he can have normal function is really a gift from God.  SO many people using their gifts and working together to help 1 little life.  (1 very very important little life, mind you(; ).  Today we will be supporting him as his body kicks back in gear and they are removing meds as soon as possible as they become unnecessary.

I am reading a book called Praying the Scriptures for your Children   .  This morning I read a principle in the book that says, “when prayer is your only option, you are in an excellent position to see God move.”  Though prayer should be  one of our first options, it sure is an excellent position to see God move.  Thank you God that you allow us to see you at work!



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