Happy Birthday Lilly


Psalm 36:5  Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.

Happy 1st birthday to my sweet little friend, Lilly.  I remember the day of your birth as a day that many beautiful things happened.  It was a day that birthed a mother (your mom)of greater faith.  It was a day that birthed a father (your dad)of greater courage.  It was a day that birthed your sweet little twin sister (Ellen) who was privileged to be taken to glory, to be with Jesus.  It was a day that birthed people all around you with more faith and courage by simply watching you and your family walk.  It was a day that birthed YOU!  Sweet, precious YOU!  You were so beautiful!  Your precious frame was such a miracle.  YOU truly are created “fearfully and wonderfully”. We delighted to see you pink and healthy as you rested in your soft incubator and fought to grow, breathe, and thrive well.

What I didn’t know on your birthday at the hospital, was that the journey you and your brave mama had begun was preparing me and Charlie (who was being formed in my womb) for a NICU journey of our own.  The time I spent with your mom in the hospital had begun to stretch my borders.  I was forced to ponder and see God’s faithfulness -even in having a newborn in the NICU.  I thank the Lord for you Lilly.  I marvel at your strong and healthy body, and your bright and joyful spirit.  You bring joy to so many!  I loved getting to hold you and snuggle you while you slept a few weeks ago, marveling in God’s goodness and faithfulness in your life.  May God continue to grow you in grace and the knowledge and understanding of our mighty God!  The mighty God that knit you together and brought you forth with vigor one year ago…

Naomi holding her treasured friend, Lilly Grace.



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