A Homerun…?


One of Charlie’s favorite people…big sister Savannah.

Wow!  We have come SO far!  Charlie has climbed some serious mountains.  We are grateful for your prayers and support in helping him climb!  He continues to seem stronger and healthier since his heart repair.  We are grateful for the success in that surgery.

Monday the surgeon will be doing a procedure that could (best case scenario) be what his fellow called a “Homerun!”  The first of two goals will be to try some things that could allow food and gastric juices to travel from the stomach into the intestines the way they should. If successful, this would resolve our biggest hurdle.  The second goal will be to replace the clogged feeding tube with a new one.  If both of these goals are accomplished we will be in a MUCH MUCH better place and would begin to see HOME for Charlie in our nearer future!

The procedure is scheduled (hospital time) for 11:45 am on Monday.  Unfortunately, it will require anesthesia and reintubation.  This step is necessary in trying to get milk in his belly again.  If both goals are unsuccessful, it could be 6-12 months before we can operate to get him on food.  SO, please pray for Charlie again as he goes back into the battle.


1) For success in helping the stomach and intestines to communicate and for the feeding tube to be easily replaced.

2) For protection and safety for Charlie.  Protection from sedation, intubation, and procedures.

3) That Charlie would be able to be fed and successfully transitioned home soon.

4) For comfort and strength as the pain Meds and O2 support continue to be weaned.

5) That Charlie’s little body would continue to adapt to a fully functioning heart so that he can manage fluids and oxygen properly.

6) That if Charlie is able to get milk, that he would tolerate and digest breastmilk so as not to have to use a predigested type formula.


This is a photo of Charlie just a few minutes ago in my arms. 

2 thoughts on “A Homerun…?

  1. My prayer warrior friends and I will be in the infield praying for that home run on Monday!! LOVE the pictures. Charlie really looks healthier : )

    I love you 😘 Susan

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