3.21 Down Syndrome awareness day


Charlie Grant…you have turned our lives upside down…inside out…and completely head over heals-with being in love with you!  9 months in the womb…we adored and cherished you.  Beautiful birth…we adored and cherished you.  6 days at home…we adored and cherished you.  E.R. Room where we almost lost you…we adored and cherished you.  As we awaited genetic testing…we adored and cherished you.  The day we received the results…we adored and cherished you.  Every day since…God has used you to change us into people we never knew we could be while we have loved and cherished you.  Charlie we love you exactly the way you are, the way that God created you.  Bob and I have talked about what an honor it is to have you and your little extra chromosomes in our life.

I am a newbie to the world of Down syndrome and I learn something new every day.  Like today.  I learned that it is 3.21 world Down syndrome awareness day.  Well, if I could make you aware of anything in regards to Down syndrome, it would be that these children are amazing, wonderful, and a delight.  The medical challenges that have overshadowed the DS for us has even been a catalyst for good things in our family.  I hope that women would fear less issues like DS as they have children.  God brings things gifts and difficulties with GREAT purpose.

So dear Charlie…may this be the first of many 3.21 days for you!!!

Below is a letter from one of Charlie’s prayer warriors:

Hello Little Charlie,

Did you know that today is World Down Syndrome Day? There are over four million people in the world with Down Syndrome and almost 100% of them say that they are happy. I wonder if God has put it into their hearts to be so content? From what your family says you are full of happiness. I know that brings glory to God. God formed you in your mother’s womb and made you just the way your are. Even now He knows every single cell in your body and how it is working AND He controls each cell. Isn’t that amazing!?

We love you and pray that God will continue to help you grow and thrive and bring Him glory.

Love, Emily and family

4 thoughts on “3.21 Down Syndrome awareness day

  1. Debbie, What you have expressed below is a real mission field opportunity. There is such misunderstanding about DS and the special blessing those individuals are to a family. The truth can save lives and add joy! I may have told you of a friend’s daughter who has three children. In their case, all three tested probable for DS. As it turned out, none were born with DS. I wonder how many children are aborted both who have DS, as well as those who test positive who are not. You and your family have such a strong and beautiful message to share with the world.

    Love, Susan

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  2. Oh dear family, it nourishes my heart and soul to see Charlie in the arms of love. The love of Jesus felt by Charlie through the arms around him, is all he knows he needs. Charlie is happy and curious at that moment, praise God.


  3. PRECIOUS. You do not know how God has mightily used you to encourage and press me on to know the Lord even more with your precious, strong, steadfast faith in God’s perfect way and promises. The love of Jesus is SO precious. He is our Savior and Lord, and I am so thankful that Charlie has gotten to experience that in an incredibly deep way over the past 6 months of his life. ❤ you Charlie and precious Fine family.


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