Airway Wisdom


We have had a few ups and downs over the last 10 days.  Some due to a fever that didn’t reveal itself as anything and some due to a faulty med line.  Oh the difficulties can be overwhelming and threaten to discourage us, rather the LORD continues to show himself SO big.  I am encouraged in these difficulties as I see Charlie’s strength and fortitude, as it is confirmed that the Father has and continues to grow me so much, and that even in the the darkest hours HIS presence is overwhelming!  He truly will not leave us or forsake us!

Charlie appears to be more successfully digesting the breastmilk and we will look to increase the quantity on Monday.  We have been weaning his pain Meds successfully and even dropped a heart med cold turkey the other day.  Getting rid of these will allow us to get rid of one of his two central lines.  This will be wonderful, reducing many potential risks.

One of our biggest prayer requests is for Charlie’s respiratory status to improve.  We would like to avoid any further invasive procedures for this and so we are asking God for wisdom and healing.  His difficulties seem to be due to some swelling in his little airway.  Right now his oxygenation and airway is good, but we need it to stay stable and actually improve.

Our desire and our team’s desire is to look towards getting Charlie home!  We still have a little ways to go, but with baby steps we are moving that way.  We believe that Charlie will thrive in so many ways once he is reunited with his family and we are able to care for him at home.image

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