Spring Has Sprung for Charlie

Although we are enjoying a little bit of winter (27 inches!) in spring-time today, for Charlie spring has sprung!  Charlie has been doing very well.  Thanks to the trach he is now oxygenating well.  He is happy, growing, smiling, and healing.  Now that he is weaning off of meds and able to enjoy being a baby we get to see more of “Charlie.”  The therapists that stop in each day are very pleased with all that he is doing and they are helping us to get him stronger.  Sarah enjoyed her snuggle time with her little brother on Friday…

We are so thankful for all the grandma’s, uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends that take the time to visit Charlie and snuggle with him when I am at home.  Charlie doesn’t lack for LOVE!  Thanks to Uncle Brian (Charles) and Karsen for loving on our boy today.






Please pray that Charlie would progress quickly so that we can get our boy HOME!

-wean meds quickly and successfully

-lungs would mature and heal (alveoli would expand and function well)

Thank you so much for praying for little Charlie!



4 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung for Charlie

  1. So happy to see Charlie is progressing . We pray constantly for Gods will and speedy healing for all of you.We are so deeply humbled by your faith and dedication. It has helped us so much with our own. Xox. 🙏


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