Care Conference

Today we had a care conference that enabled us to determine a goal for getting moved to the training floor.  The team was very optimistic that this could happen soon.  His respiratory status is excellent and if his gut weren’t involved we would already be up there.  The continued prayer request is for decreased output.  This would remedy many things!  Regardless we should be moving upstairs within the next couple of weeks.

We marvel at how relatively “simple” Charlie has become!  He has come SO far and even the doc was marveling at how little support he is on.  He is so happy and loving his new found mobility.  Today I thought he was going to jump out of the crib into Sarah’s arms.  He has this way of thrusting himself and rolling all at the same time to get where he wants to go.  Today we got him onto a play mat and worked on sitting up, rolling, and just enjoying new scenery.  It was precious.

This is our sweet PT who comes up with all sorts of ideas to help Charlie catch up!


Charlie had got to meet another prayer warrior who has been on his team for many months.  They came from Utah and were good friends of my mom and dad’s.  What a blessing for him to meet so many from all around the country that have linked arms with us through prayer for this little boy.  Thank you Barb and Rusty!  And thank you to so many of you that pray for Charlie…may God be glorified by all the prayers and the healing that God has brought to our boy.

3 thoughts on “Care Conference

  1. So glad little man Charlie is doing so well! Continuing to keep him and you all in prayer! Sending love and MANY hugs over the miles. ❤


  2. Such an absolute privilege to meet Charlie and Bobs mom and see those previous girls of yours. We just smile when you talk about how simple Charlie’s life is becoming. Can’t imagine what you’ve been through
    Wish I’d had time to hold him all day. You know he smiled at me…😀.. Rusty was so nervous around him but loved every minute of our visit too. Again we’ve been blessed and inspired by your beautiful family. It was one of the biggest highlight of our trip to Denver🙏


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