(Thanks for the fun day at the pool Grandma and Grandpa!)

We are so excited about all the progress Charlie is making.  He continues to work hard to meet milestones in his development.  Of course his mommy and daddy think he is a genius- no matter what!  When his Aunt Jenny was here this week Charlie began mimicking puckering and kissing.  We were elated!  There is a little video of one of his first one’s on Instagram- Debbie Fine.

The medicine we started last week has caused his output to steadily decrease.  Today there will be discussion about whether we stay on the medicine or not, which will determine when we can move to the ninth floor.  In some ways this journey has gotten easier as Charlie has gotten better and better, in other ways it tugs more on the heart strings- we want him home!  Oh how we long to reunite Charlie with his family.  He is so hard to leave at the hospital when I go home.  Then it is tough to leave the family when I am at the hospital. BUT GOD! Has been faithful to give the strength, the joy, the hope, and the encouragement to continue on.  It is hard to imagine the emotion that will come when that day arrives that we can bring him home with us…  We have longed for and prayed for that day for so long.  We continue to trust that God’s timing will be perfect.  Thank you for your prayers!  The main prayer request is for this output to decrease to a point we can begin giving him substantial breast milk and transition him off of IV nutrition to food.


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