Movin’ On Up!


Thursday’s transition to the ninth floor was wonderful.  Everything went very smooth and Charlie seemed quite happy about moving one step closer to home.  When we arrived his oxygen began saturating at 100 and we quickly weaned him almost to room air.  1% to go.  He was full of smiles and greeted all of his new caregivers with joy.  The following day he had his first tub bath in nine months, excellent therapy/play times with huge strides forward and he slept through the night.  The ninth floor is very different from the NICU.  There is a lot more privacy and independence.  Their goal is to get Charlie home.  The NICU’s role is to keep alive and get him stable.  So, it is a welcome change as we love taking full care of him and getting more independent.  We have learned a lot and there is more to come next week.


It was a very sweet farewell (I mean see you later!) to Charlie’s primary nurses in the NICU.  Here are some of the faces that were there the day Charlie moved.  It was a teary farewell as we recalled all that we have been through together.  These lovely ladies and several others have hung in there with us through thick and thin.  Months of blood, sweat, and tears for this precious little boy.  There are no words to thank you all enough.  Thank you for tending to wounds, changing diapers, feeding, giving meds,  playing with, advocating for, dreaming about, rocking, praying for, dressing, bathing, and LOVing our little Charlie.  Charlie’s primary nurses gave him a signed book written to “Charlie” and personalized.  It was a very special farewell. The gal with the yellow flowers and balloon pictured above has become a very sweet friend.  She was so excited that we were on a floor where we could have live flowers and so she welcomed us into our new room with a sun balloon and beautiful flowers!  So sweet.

imageI was so happy that Sarah could be here to help us move and get settled.  She is an amazing helper and Charlie thinks she is wonderful too!


2 thoughts on “Movin’ On Up!

  1. It just makes my heart sing and tears run down my cheeks to see all of these wonderful people and Charlie. Praise be to God.🙏🏻
    Love you. Nonie


  2. Praising God on this beautiful summer Lord’s Day for Charlie’s move to the 9th floor! Rejoicing with your family and all who have been praying.


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